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Who Were Aussie Artists Listening To In 2018? We'll Let Them Tell You

14 December 2018 | 2:45 pm | Lauren Baxter

2018 Wrapped!

Around this time of year if you're anything like us, your social media feeds have been overwhelmed by pals posting their Spotify Wrapped for the year. Alright enough already we get it... you're a hipster! 

Well what about those artists we spent the year listening to? Ever wonder who they were jamming to? We got a few to 'Share their 2018' with us, guilty pleasures and all!

Sweater Curse (Monica Sottile)

“I’ve loved listening to really strong female acts this year and every year. As a female singer in the industry I love hearing and learning from the ways other people use their voices. 

"I have been obsessed with Snail Mail since she released Pristine and someone sent it to me saying they thought it sounded similar to me. Since then I’ve been listening to the EP and singles pretty much every day and when the album came out I jumped on that too. She writes such incredible and relatable songs that are filled with implicit sarcasm and the processes of feeling shitty and realising why, which I love because it’s exactly what I think about and feel when I’m writing lyrics so maybe I’m just projecting but either way I am in love with Snail Mail. 

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"As for Rainy Mood - we’ve played a lot of shows and been away from home a lot lately and I really struggle with getting enough sleep on tour and because my voice is affected when I’m tired I get really stressed about getting enough sleep. So, I put Rainy Mood on and listen to it for hours on end to lull myself to sleep on tour which is kinda funny, kinda stressful for me to think about.”

Dear Seattle 

Clockwise from top left: 

Brae Fisher/Brae Fisher's mum - vocals, rhythm guitar

Top Artists: 



Culture Abuse

George Ezra


Top Songs:

Lying Eyes


Sounds Of Sinning 

Falling Apart

La La La Love Me

Lachlan Simpson - lead guitar

Top Artists:

Power Trip 

Parquet Courts



boy pablo 

Top Songs:

Loving is Easy 

Almost Had To Start A Fight/In And Out Of Patience

Dreams Tonite

k bye

Dance, Baby!

Josh McKay - bass guitar

Top Artists: 



Cage The Elephant

Maddy Jane

The Offspring

Top Songs:

Coldest Summer 

Go Your Own Way

Feel The Way I Do 

True Lovers 


Jeremy Baker - drums

Top Artists: 


Trophy Eyes 


The Smashing Pumpkins

Taylor Swift

Top Songs:

Can't Get Away

You Can Count On Me


Thank You And Sorry


Words by Brae Fisher:

"Because I share a Spotify account with my mum, I won’t go into depth with all of the top artists cos some of them are hers, but instead I’ll give some insight into my favourite record of the year and that’s Bay Dream by Culture Abuse!

"My favourite thing about this record is how different it is to anything CA have put out in the past. I’ve done my fair share of reading into the story of the record and I get nothing but joy from reading that the band decided to entirely forget everything they are/were during the writing process, focussing purely on creating something they love dearly. I feel like that is something that is so often forgotten in the song writing process.

"On top of that, there’s such a wide spectrum of influences, all wrapped up in an overall bubbly but deeply sentimental record and I just can’t fault it. The writing, the production, the feel, it’s all spot on. It’s modern, but it’s throwback. Such an amazing blend!"

Bugs (Connor Brooker)

"I was pretty stoked so many friends bands made my top 100 - my roommates were in my top 50 haha."


"I’m an indie feene! It’s no surprise Grizzly Bear is my most listened to artist followed by my timeless inspiration." 

Wharves (Scott Finch, bass guitar)

"2018 produced some of the best music I've heard in a long time. Arctic Monkeys were a controversial favourite, not everyone likes their new album but I think it's the Sheffield boys at their best.'"


Korky Buchek 

"2018 was such a beautiful year for music. You could really feel soul creeping in and making a comeback in mainstream music with Kanye, Kali Uchis and our very own Kaiit all having great success. Lol we’re a bit embarrassed that our top genre is pop but as they say, you can take the pop out of the boy but you can't pop the boys bubble."