Who Are The 50 Most Powerful People In The Music Industry?

26 June 2012 | 3:57 pm | Scott Fitzsimons

SPA and theMusic present the AMID Power 50

Two years in the development and many long hours in the discussion, the inaugural SPA and theMusic present the AMID Power 50 is at the printers.

A celebration of the 50 most powerful people in the Australian music industry, the editorial teal at Street Press Australia, theMusic.com.au and the Australasian Music Industry Directory [AMID] have spent many an hour compiling the list and whittling it down to 50. Yes, it was as hard as it sounds.

The full list of the 50, along with analysis, discussion and predictions for the future will be available in the 48th edition of the AMID, which will be released Tuesday 3 July. In the lead up, theMusic.com.au will be releasing the entrants of the top 50 five a day on the website and five a day through our daily newsletter, Your Daily SPA.

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However, we won't be telling you where everyone ranked until Tuesday 3 July. (What we will tell you is that in each group of five, there is at least one individual that made the top ten.)

In creating the list we looked at a selection criteria that represents 'power' in the industry, and applied it to all the possibles and probables. That criteria included an individual's ability to 'shape' scene, their involvement in industry initiatives, overall career accomplishment, economic impact and public profile.

This isn't a list of winners and losers, but recognition of the best of the best. And we think we've got a pretty good list. There's a few familiar faces as well as a few string-pullers who don't have such a public profile and some young new thinkers.

There's one thing that's certain about this list and that is discussion and debate. We've editorialised some thoughts on the list - and its omissions - in the AMID, and will do so on theMusic.com.au this week as well.

One thing I will mention, before the first individuals get revealed this afternoon, is that the list is done! It's locked in, no changes can be made now! But, your suggestions are very welcome.

Keep theMusic.com.au bookmarked and sign up to Your Daily SPA now to get all the names as they're revealed. And get yourself a copy of the 48th AMID for the full profiles and analysis of the Power 50, not to mention all the other contact information that makes the AMID the 'industry bible'.

The AMID has cemented itself as a must have resource over the past 20 years and with the inaugural Power 50 edition it is a must for those aspiring to break into the industry as well as for the stalwarts that have been there all along. As a recourse it really is a connection to all you the people and businesses you need to know in the industry.

Respected and thoroughly researched, the AMID listings allow your business, your band or your brand to connect with the right people. From promoters to managers, CD duplicators to radio, PR to poster companies, AMID has those covered and more. With over 1500+ listings, forget LinkedIn or Facebook, all your contacts are in one place and easy to find here.

It also is a great educational resource that give tips on how you approach those in the industry to ensure you get off on the right foot. AMID is available in both the printed and iPad formats, is easy to use and a great read as scour the Power 50 to see who really are the most powerful people in music.

Scott Fitzsimons - Editor theMusic.com.au/Your Daily SPA, Australasian Music Industry Directory

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