What Do You Do If Your Gig Loses Power? An Acoustic Set In The Carpark If You're This Aus Artist

4 November 2019 | 2:42 pm | Jessica Dale

"I think it’s better to try and find the best outcomes of the worst situations."

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Fergus James properly had an idea of how the first show of his EP debut tour would go - what happened was probably not it...

While appearing at Rocket Bar in Adelaide on Friday night, the power unexpectedly cut out during James' set. Deciding rather to press on than cancel the show, James and his crowd instead moved next door to a carpark and continued with an acoustic set. 

"Life will never always go to plan, and what can happen, will..." shared James. 

"But I think it’s better to try and find the best outcomes of the worst situations. 

"And if that means getting kicked out of your first EP show due to a power outage and singing to half of Hindley street in a car park, then that’s what needed to happen."

Watch footage of the impromptu outdoors gig below, with James performing his track Back To Life.

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James is currently touring around the country in celebration of All Of The Colours and is due to appear in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Melbourne this month. 

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