'We Thought These Songs Had Been Lost Forever': Szymon's Family Release His Final EP

7 November 2019 | 3:31 pm | Jessica Dale

"It's gentle and sweet and thoughtful and fun."

Four years after ARIA-nominated album Tigersapp was unveiled, comes a second posthumous release for Australian singer-songwriter Szymon, premiering today on The Music.

Titled Blue Coloured Mountain, the EP contains seven previously unreleased tracks that were found by the Borzestowski family when attempting to back-up Szymon's computer.

Following the Australian musician’s passing in 2012, his debut album Tigersapp was released in 2015 and debuted at #21 on the ARIA Albums chart before being nominated for Best Adult Contemporary Album at the ARIA Awards that same year.

Szymon's brother, Gang Of Youths' drummer Donnie Borzestowski has shared that his family are "honoured to share more of his amazing legacy". 

"It means so much to me and my family to release more of Szymon’s music into the world," Donnie said. "It's beautifully simple, but also geniously complex. It’s gentle and sweet and thoughtful and fun."

"At one point we thought these songs had been lost forever. But after searching and digging through old hard drives and CDs we discovered a whole collection of incredible songs and ideas that Szym was working on up until he passed away. 

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"These seven songs are the key completed tracks that have meant so much to our family and friends over the years. It’s so important for us to release these. Important for Szymon’s legacy. But also because we know people will love them."

"I guess it’ll mean something different for everyone who listens to it," continued Donnie.

"There will be people who knew him, and people who didn’t. It’ll be bittersweet for many, but my hope is that it fills people with joy and puts a smile on people’s faces. His music is full of hope and beauty, and I hope people see a glimpse of the person Szymon was through this music. He was so gifted and this EP was entirely mixed by him. We didn’t add anything to, or change anything with the music because we believe this is how he wanted it to sound."

Listen to Blue Coloured Mountain below ahead of its release tomorrow.

Update: Blue Coloured Mountain is out now. Find out more about it here.