We just discovered UK party slam band Party Cannon and... That's a Brutal Party.

11 May 2022 | 10:34 am | Staff Writer
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There is just a breed of heavy band out there who bring the party. They aren't serious at all, they take the piss out of all sorts of things, not least of which is usually heavy music culture itself. It's Party tunes for people who like their music heavy AF, their humour dark and their beer cold and FLOWING. Brojob, Electric Callboy, Berried Alive, Austrian Death Machine, the list keeps on going. I just came across Party Cannon from Scotland. It's a time.

I just heard this band, so now you do too. Party Cannon are from Scotland and they say it's hard being the UK's best Party Slam band. Sounds like you guys took that honour by default, fellas, but play on! 

Anyway, I watched their video for their single 'I believe in Dani Filth' and if you like Cradle of Filth, Street Fighter II, Slam tunes and 16-bit farts and gore, this is your lucky day, mein freund. Bring em Down Under, I say. Just don't teach them shoeys. That trend is DONE, we don't need them taking it home with them overseas and re-igniting the whole terrible shoey era.

Check out their album they dropped in January, it's called VOLUMES OF VOMIT.