Watch Vance Joy Play Ukulele In Exchange For Free Tacos

24 October 2015 | 11:29 am | Staff Writer


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Aussie singer-songwriter Vance Joy may have become a bit of a global star over the past couple of years, but it hasn't gone to his head, with the award-winning musician proving at a Texas taco stand recently that he's not above performing in exchange for something to eat, even now.

As it happens, Tyson's Tacos, in Austin, implemented its official Ukulele Policy (see below, click to enlarge) after outlet Thrillist described the stand — much to its proprietor's bemusement — as "the number one taco place for MUSICIANS". As a result, 'ChefTysonB' writes, "I decided to give away FREE TACOS TO MUSICIANS.

"They just have to prove it by playing (and tuning) the ukulele you see behind the glass. Ukulele can only be used for FREE TACOS during normal business hours. The only compensation paid for ukulele playing is TACOS. The exchange rate for ukulele playing is 1:1 (one taco per song). There is no limit to the number of songs or number of tacos."

You can imagine everyone's pleasant surprise, then, when Joy showed up for a feed at Tyson's Tacos recently — the restaurant, having a rising star in its midst; Joy, getting free food for strumming out a song he can play in his sleep. Everybody wins. 

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Watch the good-natured clip - posted by Tyson's Tacos to Facebook, and in which you can see the uke policy actually posted in the window - below.


Vance Joy everybody! Who needs ACL?

Posted by Tyson's Tacos on Monday, October 5, 2015