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29 June 2023 | 9:40 pm | Mary Varvaris
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Here's how you can make your mark on metal music history.

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System Of A Down (Credit: Clemente Ruiz)

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Do you want to be a part of heavy metal music history? Sony Music Australia is hosting the ultimate event for System Of A Down fans next Saturday, 8 July, so if you’re interested, read on to find out what the task entails.

Tomorrow (30 June) marks the 25th anniversary of System Of A Down’s ferocious self-titled debut album, and to celebrate the milestone, fans are being invited to Sydney’s Enmore Theatre, courtesy of Sony Music Australia, to break a Guinness World Record while listening to life-changing hits like Suite-Pee, Sugar, War, Spiders and nine other unforgettable tracks.

Next Saturday, it’s your turn to break the very metal Guinness World Record for the most people headbanging simultaneously. The current record stands at 529 as of July 2018 – this record sounds easily breakable to us.

This is a free event that will see the album played through in its entirety. You can register your interest here.

System of a Down x Guinness World Record

July 8. One Fandom. One Place. Celebrating 25 years of System Of A Down’s debut self-titled album. Reserve your spot now and be a part of history, to break the world record for most people headbanging simultaneously with Guinness World Records. Bring your friends and celebrate the album at The Enmore. More details here: #systemofadown #headbanging #guinnessworldrecords

Posted by Sony Music Australia on Tuesday, June 27, 2023

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System Of A Down was a highly influential album, not just for the band but for the nu-metal genre as a whole. Debuting at #48 in Australia, the American heavy metal outfit somehow found mainstream success with their bizarre, off-kilter anti-war anthems and songs that explored the Armenian genocide, CIA brainwashing, religious extremism and criticisms, and much more. Haven’t listened to the album in a while? You can listen here.

The band truly broke new ground with their second album, Toxicity, which turned 20 in 2021.

A game-changing record featuring a fusion of metal and alternative sounds with folk, progressive rock, jazz, and traditional Armenian and Greek musical stylings, Toxicity blasted the American-Armenian alt/nu-metal band to unforeseeable mainstream prominence, landing at #6 on the ARIA Albums Chart.

“We’re getting a lot of compliments for Toxicity, but when we wrote this record, I felt like I was still learning how to make our music,” guitarist Daron Malakian told Rave Magazine in 2002. “The fact people give it praise just makes me feel like I’m not done yet. I’m still a student, and I don’t feel like we deserve that much praise just yet.”

Ready to break a Guinness World Record? Here’s how Sony Music Australia describes next weekend’s event: “July 8. One Fandom. One Place. Celebrating 25 years of System Of A Down’s debut self-titled album.”

Doors open at 5:15 pm. The World Record Briefing & Rehearsal commences for ten minutes from 6 pm, and from 6:10 until 6:45 pm, you’ll have your chance to break the record for the most people headbanging simultaneously. After breaking up for Adjudication & Drinks until 7:45 pm, the record announcement will be made.

Don’t miss out on a thrilling moment in metal history happening right here in Australia. Since we’re getting the chance to break a record while listening to System Of A Down, what are our chances of an Australian tour? It would be pretty sweet if our chances increase due to potentially (and probably) breaking a Guinness World Record.