Void Of Vision Vocalist Jack Bergin To Take A Break From Music

24 April 2023 | 11:36 am | Mary Varvaris
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“For the past week I've been in hospital, beginning radio surgery to prematurely treat a brain AVM that ruptured last week..."

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Void Of Vision’s charismatic, supremely talented vocalist Jack Bergin is taking a break from music for a “short period of time” after treating a “brain AVM that ruptured last week”. 

Arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) are tangles of blood vessels that cause abnormal artery-to-vein connections. If they rupture, an AVM can cause brain damage or a stroke.

In a statement posted to social media last night, Bergin explained, “Haven't necessarily kept quiet about my health the past few years, but I also haven't actively had to make it all public until now, when it unfortunately interferes with what I do for a living.”

He continued, “For the past week I've been in hospital, beginning radio surgery to prematurely treat a brain AVM that ruptured last week. I've been living under the impression that I'd be able to handle touring/day to day life with this since I had it diagnosed and have definitely found out the hard way that I can't anymore.

“I will be taking a step back from music on the other side of all this for a short period of time, until everything is back under control. With that, Void Of Vision will be withdrawing from our scheduled performances at Unify: Off The Record this May/June.

“Wholeheartedly appreciate the support and love from my partner, family, friends, VOV & the lovely teams at DAL/UNFD while all this has been unfolding in the background”.

In a recent episode of The Downbeat Podcast with Stray From The Path’s Craig Reynolds, Bergin discussed the bleeding on his brain and his alopecia. 

Last January, he woke up in an ambulance after experiencing a nocturnal seizure. “I was born with an AVM,” he told Reynolds, talking about what happens when the blood pumps too hard within the vessels and veins in his brain. 

Bergin continued by telling Reynolds that for a year, he hasn’t been able to drink alcohol or drive as he’s on strong epilepsy medication to prevent nocturnal seizures until he could have radiotherapy to treat the AVM. You can watch the full interview below.

Earlier this year, Void Of Vision released Chronicles, an album made up of three excellent, distinctive EPs - CHRONICLES I: LUST, CHRONICLES II: HEAVEN and CHRONICLES III: UNDERWORLD. You can read Kill Your Stereo’s interview with Bergin about Chronicles, Knotfest Australia, the band’s influences and more here.