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EXCLUSIVE: Melb Punks Clowns Unleash In New Music Video

20 July 2021 | 12:27 pm | Tiana Speter

"Watch at own risk!"

More Clowns More Clowns

Viewer beware, the brand new music video from Melbourne punks Clowns will entirely incite loose lounge room headbangs, with the quintet unleashing their all for the Sarah clip, premiering exclusively today with The Music.

Dishing up a cranking ode to the boisterous highs and lows of falling in love, Sarah is an addictive slice of vivacious punk full of crunchy textures, ravenous riffs and sharp hooks from the Melb bunch. 

And while the track is certainly bustling with some trademark Clowns turbulence, there's also a significant glow-up in the melodic department here, thanks in part to the track's co-writer Matt Squire (One Direction, Panic! At The Disco); and perfectly captured in the group's brand new accompanying video.

Filmed at a former mechanic's garage, Sarah's rowdy bliss was brought to life at Big Door Studios in Melbourne under the watchful eyes of director Nick Manuell. And pairing with the stark industrial background, Sarah finds Clowns letting delightfully loose amid vibrant cuts, VHS-esque effects and a healthy smattering of hair flips to ramp up the punk rock froth.

Of the new clip, the band offered up a tongue-in-cheek warning: "The new video clip for our song Sarah rocks so hard that it was made illegal in many countries. Watch at own risk!"

Following on from their previous single Does It Matter back in May, Sarah showcases the ongoing evolution and expansion in Clowns town, and this is undeniably a track just begging to be heard live. But until that time comes, we've got the next best thing today: for anyone who needs a healthy jolt of "Sarah"tonin in their day, we guarantee you'll be hard-pressed not to get wrapped up in the rollicking glee that Clowns smash on the table with this new video. 

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