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Vein release 'Old Data In A New Machine, Vol. 1' compilation

29 July 2020 | 7:55 pm | Alex Sievers
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Acoustic versions, new remixes, old demos and fresh re-recordings on this new Vein compilation.

Acoustic versions, remixes, demos & re-recordings are found on the first volume of Vein's 'Old Data In A New Machine' compilation. 

Titled 'Old Data In A New Machine' - a play-off one of their most performed tracks, 'Old Data In A Dead Machine,' with cover art that looks like it was ripped straight from one of their visualizers - Vein (now stylised as have shown off some interesting takes and old glimpses into some of their most well-loved material. And I think it's pretty damn cool!

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'20 seconds: 20 hours' is a haunting, surprisingly arresting, and well-produced acoustic version of one of their best songs, 'Untitled' (the name being borrowed from the originals lyrics), opening up what seems to be the first entry in what could be a planned series of compilation releases from the Boston act. Speculation aside, this new release comes armed with three re-recordings from their 'Terrors Realm' EP - tighter, louder, redux versions of 'ripple,' 'heretic,' and the titular 'TR.' (This new take on 'ripple' is especially killer!)

On top of that, there's cool remixes of 'Virus//Vibrance,' 'Broken Glass,' and 'Doomtech' that really emphasise their use of samples and dissonance, as well as old 2016 demo of 'Quitting Infinity' and 'Untitled.' It's a very interesting release, but one that offers a solid view into their diversity and creativity and how even as mere demos, their songs still kick all kinds of ass. Which makes the prospects of their future all the more exciting.

2018's 'errorzone' LP was one of the best hardcore/metalcore records of the 2010's, and we've been dying for more from the Massachusetts outfit ever since. And I'm mostly sure there'll be something else coming this year. If you need content to fill that gaping hole, watch the band open for Have Heart back in 2019 courtesy of hate5six, and check out some of their members other band, fleshwater.