Vampillia Release ‘Happiness Brought By Endless Sorrow’ EP

5 May 2018 | 9:39 am | Alex Sievers
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Vampillia is proof that Japanese bands are of a different musical breed.

Vampillia is proof that Japanese bands are of a different musical breed. 

The self-defined "brutal orchestra" outfit that is Vampillia are a bit of an odd one.

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They're a ten-piece avant-garde band from Osaka, Japan, (who have not one, not two but four guitarists) that have their origins in the wake of seminal noise-rock group Ruins and "acid-punk" weirdos Boredoms. When they all team up, the ten-piece experimental ensemble merge together blistering black metal, scathing hardcore, noise-rock, catchier J-rock moments, subtle orchestral elements, along with gorgeous sections of sonic beauty for a highly diverse and intriguing sound, to say the very least.

Cutting out any sense of filler, you get all of this and more on the group's brutally short new EP, the cheerily titled burst of 'Happiness Brought By Endless Sorrow'. With just four tracks and with barely ten minutes on the clock, Vampillia weaves more detail and nuance into 90-second or so songs more so than most other bands entire albums; impressing and then some with their short but powerfully dark, heavy and melodic compositions.

Trust me, this new little EP will make you disgustingly impatient for that new full-length LP Vampillia have been working on since 2013. With only a demo expose of a new unreleased song being culled from said forthcoming album (that's supposedly due out later this year), and with a theme of "eternal beauty" guiding their lyrical and the songwriting paintbrushes, it should be just as epic as what's come before it.

Look, even if you've only got a half-hour to kill today, that still gives you plenty of time to get familiar with 'Happiness Brought By Endless Sorrow'. And the best part? It's out now.

Check out the video for my favourite cut from the EP, 'Winter Ash', below:

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