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This Aussie Band Just Got Caught Up In Another Massive TikTok Trend & Even Lizzo Is Into It

13 April 2021 | 2:58 pm | Jessica Dale

Knock, knock.



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Vacations have found themselves at the centre of another huge TikTok trend and this time 'round they have even caught the attention of pop superstar Lizzo

Young, off the Newcastle group's 2016 debut EP Vibes, is at the centre of TikTok's fast growing 'Knock' trend which sees users tap their camera along to the start of the track then stepping back to reveal something.

The trend is now at nearly 115,000 videos and has been shared by high profile platform users including US artist Lizzo who shared a video of her with the track earlier this week to her 14M followers and singer Rosalia (who has had hits with Travis Scott and Billie Eilish) who shared her clip with over 10M followers.

Other high profile users jumping on the trend include Bella Poarch (62M followers), Noah Beck (27M), Sienna Mae (15M), Anna Shumate (10M), txt (9M), Brooke Ashely Hall (5.3M), Jackson Dean (4.3M), and LisaandLena (13.2M).


It's not the first time Young has been swept up into a viral trend though. Mid-last year the group found that the track was at the centre of the popular Skins trend on the platform (we have a handy explainer about that over here), which saw them crack the US Viral playlist.

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The 'Knock' trend is looking likely to have a similar impact for the group with total streams of the track up 14% from last week (up to 1.89M), while there has also been a 169% increase of Shazams of the track, now placing them at #65 on the Shazam Top 200 chart in Mexico. 

Check out Young and find out more about Vacations below. 

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