UK Inventor Colin Furze Has Made A 'Mad Max'-Style Flamethrower Guitar

27 May 2016 | 1:11 pm | Staff Writer

Because... well, just because.

Renowned UK TV and internet personality, inventor and all-round madman Colin Furze has built an electric guitar that doubles as a flamethrower, along with a smoke-emitting bass.

The bass and guitar — which evokes a similar instrument wielded by Aussie musician iOTA in Film Of The CenturyTM Mad Max: Fury Road — were created as part of Furze's involvement with Intel's innovation program America's Greatest Makers (and probably at least partially just because he could), to demonstrate that "making anything doesn't just mean solving a problem or making life easier — it can be just to make you feel good".

As Gizmodo notes, along with the demonstration videos of the instruments in full, glorious action (the bass also has a built-in strobe light, because why not), Furze has uploaded a pair of making-of clips so, you know, if you feel like being wildly creative (and probably a bit unsafe) and you have the tools at your disposal, we've also been blessed with straight-up how-to guides. The internet is a magnificent place.

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