Two Door Cinema Club's Glitzy Retro-Futurist 'False Alarm' Will Have You Dancing All Weekend

21 June 2019 | 3:08 pm | Staff Writer

'False Alarm' is out now.

Pic by Aleksandra Kingo

Pic by Aleksandra Kingo

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Two Door Cinema Club's False Alarm is finally here and it's "MO is colour and sound", according to The Music review from Matt MacMaster. 

The album, which is the fourth studio release from the group and has been dubbed a "glitzy slab of retro-futurist pop" comes only two years on from the release of Gameshow, the album that saw the Northern Ireland-raised trio regroup after a tough period.

Speaking with The Music recently, frontman Alex Trimble shared that once they released Gameshow they "unashamedly talked about everything that [they] had been through", including everything that had lead to his collapse at Seattle Airport in 2014.

"One of the most important things that you can discover if you are going through something like that is the simple fact that you're not alone in it and that so many people are there with you. And that could be the first step: talking about it and eventually getting out of it, you know?"

Ultimately, it's a conversation that has lead them to keep at it and produce False Alarm, with its buoyant and bright singles Talk and Satellite

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Check out False Alarm below and head to theGuide to find out more about Two Door Cinema Club's upcoming Australian tour.