Trophy Eyes Announce New Album 'Suicide And Sunshine' & Drop New Single

12 April 2023 | 9:00 am | Mary Varvaris
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Suicide And Sunshine will be released on Friday, 23 June, via Hopeless Records.

(Pic by Matthew Krueger)

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Aussie punk rockers Trophy Eyes have announced their new album, Suicide And Sunshine, their fourth record and follow-up to 2019’s The American Dream

Since then, the band has released the singles Figure Eight, 27 Club, Bittersweet, and Nobody Said between January 2020 and February 2022.

Suicide And Sunshine will be released on Friday, 23 June, via Hopeless Records.

Last month, Trophy Eyes unveiled the first taste of Suicide And Sunshine with Blue Eyed Boy. Today, they’re dropping What Hurts The Most, a vulnerable number with a striking music video you can watch below.

Vocalist John Floreani said about the new single, "I moved to Newcastle, Australia, in my early 20s. My best friend and I had made a plan together in pursuit of happiness, and for some reason, to us, it all started there. 

"He’d always struggled between the pressure of conventional life and risking all for the unattainable, and I’d always flourished in chaos. Like it does, time marched on. I joined Trophy Eyes, and he dedicated his time to house deposits and long-term relationships.”

He continued, “Trophy Eyes quickly consumed my life, taking my degree, relationships, friendships, jobs and homes - even the honour of best man. I found less and less time for motivational speeches, and even when I could, it was always met by a void of negativity. 

"I gave up on him. Our friendship soured at the idea of what I’d sacrificed for my dream and how I’d neglected his. During a tour of Europe, he crossed a line back home, and I never saw him again."

Trophy Eyes’ fourth album is dubbed to be about contrast - not just in the title. The album title comes from the track Sean, which is about Floreani discovering his mate’s passing on a sunny day before getting into an Uber to a gathering of Sean’s friends. 

Floreani explained, “It’s the tragedy and the beauty of life. When we did Chemical Miracle, our second full-length, the logo for the album was a palm tree and a noose. That’s literally suicide and sunshine. It’s always been there on my mind. And I think I finally just phonetically set it out. That encompasses everything I’ve been trying to do my entire career.”

You can pre-save the album HERE and be in with the chance to win a signed test pressing of the vinyl. If you’d rather pre-order physical copies and merch, you can do that HERE for an Australian exclusive coloured LP and win a signed Fender guitar.