Tones & I Just Pulled One Of The Biggest BIGSOUND Crowds To Date... Was It Worth The Wait?

5 September 2019 | 1:07 am | Jessica DaleDan Cribb

Tones & I just wrapped her highly anticipated set at BIGSOUND night two. Here’s what went down.

Pic by Markus Ravik

Pic by Markus Ravik

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Byron Bay-based artist Tones & I just played one of the most highly-anticipated BIGSOUND showcases to date and those lucky enough to witness it will be talking about it for quite some time.

After spending the past five weeks at #1 on the ARIA Singles chart with Dance Monkey, the singer-songwriter took to the Famous Nightclub stage as part of the 2019 event, with The Music’s Jessica Dale noting that punters began lining up early for the 9pm set.

Some diehard fans even took part in a silent protest of sorts outside with a group of some 30 young people huddled in a group with dark makeup around their eyes and matching Tones & I tracksuits, with ‘the kids are coming’ scrawled all over.

When Tones & I finally hit the stage, it was to a hero’s welcome, with punters singing along to Never Seen The Rain and Johnny Run Away, while Dance Monkey had one of BIGSOUND’s best receptions for the year.

Tones & I praised the room repeatedly, and even gave someone in the audience the shoes she was wearing, going onto say: “If anyone sees me walking back to my hotel without any shoes tonight this is why.”

The stunning showcase will surely go a long way in her efforts to claim #1 on the ARIA Albums chart this week, with her debut EP, The Kids Are Coming, vying for #1 alongside Tool's comeback album, Fear Inoculum.

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Tones & I has a massive headline run locked in for the coming weeks; all the details of which you can find in theGuide.

You can catch up on all the happenings from BIGSOUND night two via our review tomorrow morning. In the meantime, here’s everything you missed on night one.