Tom Delonge Releases First Solo Album

21 April 2015 | 4:01 pm | Staff Writer

Blink 182 front man releases solo demos

More Angels & Airwaves More Angels & Airwaves

The highly anticipated solo album from Tom Delonge entitled To The Stars...Demos, Odds And Ends has been released today.

The estranged member of punk-rock group Blink 182 has plugged the eight-song record over recent months, sharing some of the tracks online in the build up to its release.

The tunes heard on the album are a mix of work which were being considered for future Blink songs, as well as his own project, Angels and Airwaves and more. 

After the very public fallout from the iconic three piece band in February, the 39-year-old frontman remains adamant on his passion for all of his musical endeavours and his latest effort indeed suggests so. 

Tracks such as Landscapes definitely has an AVA feel to it, while Suburban Kings could fit comfortably on any Blink album. Delonge also proves that he may be grown up but his cheeky immature behaviour that Blink renowned itself on is still well in tact with the catchy tune, Golden Showers In The Golden State. We'll let you figure out why.

It's full steam ahead for Delonge as he has announced plans to release four albums this year and fifteen novels over the course over the next few years. 

While his band members, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker did announce that Delonge quit the group earlier this year, to which he refuted, the guitarist is still yet to officially announce whether he has bowed out, so while chances remain faint, fans can only hope that the boys can sort their dramas out. 

Meanwhile, Alkaline Trio front man Matt Skiba, who filled in for Delonge in some recent Blink performances commented on his position in the band and his relationship with the founding member in an interview with Billboard

"Tom and I have always been very friendly," Skiba said.

"We've toured with Blink several times over the years, and Tom and I have always been friends. I'd like to think that we still are. I haven't spoken to him since this whole thing went down, but it's in no way personal."