Tom DeLonge Has Pretty Much Confirmed He’s Back In Blink-182

1 August 2022 | 4:38 pm | Dan Cribb

Either that or he’s being extremely cruel to hopeful fans.

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It feels like an announcement around Tom DeLonge’s official return to blink-182 could happen any day now, with the guitarist adding more fuel to the reunion rumour fire over the weekend.

Last week, blink teased a new Funko Pop! Vinyl set was about to be announced (happening Aug 1 at 9am US time), celebrating the band’s 30th anniversary - a post that was also shared by DeLonge.

And now over the weekend DeLonge has not only shared an old press shot of blink-182, but also updated his Instagram bio to say, “I make music (@blink182 and @angelsandairwaves).”

All of this follows news a couple of weeks ago that DeLonge’s replacement in the band, Alkaline Trio frontman Matt Skiba, was unsure as to whether or not he was still in the band.

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Skiba responded to a fan who commented about his status as a member of blink-182, replying that "your guess is as good as mine. Regardless, I am very proud of and thankful for my time w @blink182. We shall see…”

Speaking with GQ last year, Hoppus caused a flurry of excitement when he confirmed he was open to the idea of a DeLonge return.

"We haven't really talked about that, but I'm open to anything in the future,” he said. “I don't know how that would work if it's all four of us. Like we're all going to live in the same house again?” 

The bassist has also been sharing old press shots of blink featuring DeLonge in recent weeks via his Instagram.

Since DeLonge's departure from the band for a second time in 2015, blink-182 have released two full-length albums with Skiba, 2016's California and 2019's Nine. 

To date, DeLonge's last work with blink-182 was 2015's Neighborhoods, which received a mixed response from fans.