Tom Delonge Has Landed A Huge US TV Deal

11 December 2018 | 2:50 pm | Staff Writer

"The story is based on the tribe of degenerate skateboarders that I grew up with."

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Former blink-182 guitarist Tom Delonge has inked a deal with US network TBS to turn his graphic novel, Strange Times, into an animated TV series.

The pop punk icon often teases big things on social media, and while he’s yet to provide definitive proof that aliens do indeed exist, he did reveal to Variety that the new paranormal series is currently in development.

Delonge will serve as an executive producer, while Aaron Karo writes the series.

“The gang of characters in the story is based on the tribe of degenerate skateboarders that I grew up with — right around the same time I started my band blink-182,” Delonge said.

“The story is also set in that same town. Charlie, the main character, is a bit of myself. A boy searching for answers, trying to find a way out of suburbia, but laughing with his ridiculous, irreverent friends along the way.”

Delonge has said he’d like to see some of his favourite punk rock and new wave bands feature on the show’s soundtrack, including the Queers, Bad Religion, New Order, Depeche Mode and The Cure, while hoping for Descendents’ Suburban Home as a theme song.

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He also hoped the Stranger Things franchise would expand outside of the graphic novel and TBS series.

“We hope to create something that could be described as sort of a ‘science fiction Disney’, where our entertainment franchises are worlds that are inspired and informed by our own next-generation science division.”

TBS boasts a number of high profile original shows on the network, such as Conan, Search Party, Angie Tribeca, The Detour, Full Frontal With Samantha Bee and American Dad!.