Tkay Maidza & Adalita To Take Up 2018 [V] Splendour Residency

28 June 2018 | 11:01 am | Lauren Baxter

Uniting Australian rock and rap royalty!

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We all know that video killed the radio star and now in the final stretch before Splendour In The Grass kicks off in Byron Bay, [V] has enlisted rock royalty Adalita, alongside Australia’s queen of hip hop Tkay Maidza, to take up residency and host the official [V] interviews at this year’s festival.

While they won’t be slumming it with the rest of the punters, Adalita and Maidza will camp out backstage in the artist area with VIP access to bring music fans all the behind the scenes action from the festival.

A trailblazer of the ‘90s Australian rock scene, Adalita first made her mark at Splendour in the Grass at the festival’s debut in 2001 with her cult band Magic Dirt. Speaking to The Music she still remembers playing that gig saying “we rocked up and played the show and it was just incredible”.

“I just remember the crowd and it was so packed and they just loved our set and we were kind of going through a quiet phase but that gig was the beginning of the comeback and it was just unreal.

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“It was just the best show and an incredible reaction and then watching Splendour grow from there, like I feel so glad that we were at that first one... It’s great to have been there from the very beginning.

“I know it’s such a big event now and I’m going to get to chill out and hang out and just talk to people so I’m actually really looking forward to it.”

Magic Dirt have had a long history with [V] so to be turning the tables and doing the interviews, Adalita said that “it kind of feels like I’m home again but it is strange”.

“Being a guest host and an interviewer is totally out of my comfort zone, I’ve never done it before.

“But because it’s Channel V and they’re kind of my mates and we have a long history, it’s not as much of a shock to do such a gig.”

Joining Adalita will be one of Australia’s most celebrated MCs, festival icons and all-star collaborator Tkay Maidza. A festival veteran now, she originally burst onto the scene and slayed Splendour crowds with her progressive and individual sound in 2014 and 2015.

Super excited to join Adalita, Maidza said “I think it will be really fun to spend time together and she can teach me a few things and I can probably sing really annoying songs to her, it’ll be great”.

Hinting at also potentially jumping up on stage while she is there, Maidza said that she “is always running around so you never know what I’m doing” and that she was “really excited to see Miguel and Kendrick of course”.

With two powerful women at the [V] helm, Maidza commented on the balance of gender on the line-up saying “I feel like it’s pretty balanced”.

“Everyone’s that playing on the line-up – they all have important roles within pop culture and life right now.”

Adalita also praised the festival saying “there’s lots and lots of female talent on there”.

“I think it’s really well balanced and I think they’ve done a great job and so they should. So should every venue and every festival and everywhere you know. There’s amazing female talent and music being made by women. All the time. Throughout history.”

If you missed out on Splendour tickets, sneak backstage with [V] all weekend and then fight the post-festival blues with highlights coming Saturday 28 July.