TISM Forever Unleash First-ever 'Unofficial Fan Edit' Of TISM Full Concert

23 February 2023 | 10:10 am | Mary Varvaris

"These videos are testament to what a fan community such as ours is capable of."

(Pic by Nicole Matthews)


TISM Forever, a devoted fan group of the popular seven-piece alternative collective, has unveiled its first-ever "unofficial fan edit" of a full TISM show.

The video follows TISM's appearance at Good Things Festival in Brisbane, with another concert to come.

"This is the first of TWO full-length TISM shows that followers of TISM Forever will be bringing you," the fan group wrote on Facebook after thanking TISM for giving their blessings for releasing the concert video.

"An absolutely astounding effort by Jason Kempnich has resulted in a video of the 170 Russell gig (26/11/2022 in Melbourne) that needs to be seen to be believed. This second video will be made public in the coming days."

TISM Forever added, "A mass of contributors means that not one second of the action is missed as the videos switch between more perspectives than any professional production (so far) could offer. 

"These videos are testament to what a fan community such as ours is capable of. We not only brought TISM back, we have created hallowed artifacts to preserve the memory of their second coming for decades to come."

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Check out the full concert below.

In "Things That Make Life Worth Living For", TISM played a secret show at Melbourne's Croxton Bandroom in November, a few weeks before Good Things Festival kicked off.

Rumours of the anonymous synth-punk band playing their first show in 18 years spread over social media that day, with the Gigs You Missed Twitter account posting, "TISM 12 November 2022 Croxton Ballroom Now (rumoured)" at 9:30 pm that evening. 

On Facebook, the TISM Forever page wrote in a now-deleted post, "Sorry for the silence. I was specifically asked to be. Croxton Ballroom, two hours. Secret TISM show. Get moving." There was little warning for the show besides these posts; the band were billed as "Open Mic Tryouts" on the gig poster at the door.  

The show was reportedly sold as $60 at the door, with fans taking the risk: "A mate told me at about 9 pm. I was at a gig (a good one) in Brunswick. Pissed off immediately on the chance. $60 entry, and I thought it worth the gamble," wrote a keen fan in the Melbourne subreddit. They ditched Custard at Howler and trekked over to the Croxton. 

Fans lucky enough to make it witnessed TISM open the show with The Art/Income Dialect and heard all the favourites, such as I Drive A Truck, Whatareya?, Greg! The Stop Sign!!, Saturday Night Palsy, Death Death Death Amway Amway Amway and Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me.