Tim Minchin Blasts Cardinal Pell As A 'Goddamn Coward' In New Song

17 February 2016 | 10:40 am | Staff Writer

In regards to the Royal Commission's investigation of child sex abuse.

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Aussie comedian Tim Minchin has taken aim at Cardinal George Pell in a new song in which he slams the former archbishop of Sydney as a "goddamn coward" and "scum".

The song which debuted on Channel Ten's The Project last night, entitled Come Home (Cardinal Pell), sees Minchin demand Pell return to Australia, after he knocked back a request from the Royal Commission Into Institutional Responses To Child Sex Abuse to give evidence of abuse in the Church, claiming he is too ill to fly from Rome.

The 40-year-old songwriter in particular references survivors in Ballarat where incidents of sexual abuse were shockingly high.

Minchin sings, "Is it true that you knew but you chose to ignore or did you actively try to keep it buried and years later, when survivors, despite their shame and their fear stood up to tell their stories, you spent year after year working hard to protect the church's assets I mean, with all due respect, dude, I think you're scum!

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"I want to be transparent here, George, I'm not the greatest fan of your religion and I personally believe that those who cover up abuse should go to prison, but your ethical hypocrisy, your intellectual vacuity, and your arrogance don't bother me as much as the fact that you have turned out to be such a goddamn coward."

Minchin eggs Pell on even further, concluding the song by singing, "If you don't feel compelled to come home by a sense of moral duty, perhaps you will come home and frickin' sue me."

A GoFundMe campaign was yesterday launched by frequent The Project hosts, Meshel Laurie and Gorgi Coghlan, who rallied to raise money for Ballarat survivors to travel to Rome and confront Pell personally. 

"Cardinal Pell is due to give evidence on February the 29th so they don't have much time," the campaign reads.

"The opportunity to face Cardinal Pell is the least our community can do for these brave people who have bared their souls to ensure the world is a safer place for all children."

After being launched on Monday, the campaign has already crushed its target of $55,000 and has currently raised over $93,000.

All proceeds made from Minchin's song will go directly towards the campaign.

Meanwhile, reaction to Minchin's new song has been divided with many supporting and condemning the track. 

Directly after the clip aired on The Project, panel member Steve Price slammed Minchin's lyrics. 

"Obviously Tim Minchin feels really strongly about that, but I just think it’s really disgusting the way he’s resorted to personal abuse of George Pell," Price said.

"This guy is the most senior Australian Catholic in the world…regardless of what you make of him, to write a song like that and use your talent to just simply abuse someone from a distance, I think is pathetic.

"Minchin needs to tone that down, in my view."

Fellow broadcast partner and comedian Peter Helliar responded to Price's comments by saying Minchin had every right to state his opinion. 

"He obviously wanted to make a point and it’s a point about a very serious issue," Helliar said.