Thunderpussy Take On US Supreme Court To Trademark Band Name

26 June 2019 | 9:51 am | Staff Writer

"For us this has always been a First Amendment issue."

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Seattle rock band Thunderpussy are challenging the US Supreme Court to allow the trademarking of their name after the ban on trademarking “immoral” or “scandalous” words has been broken thanks to a clothing label.

The court ruled in favour of Los Angeles-based designer Eric Brunetti and his label FUCT (an abbreviation of Friends U Can’t Trust), allowing for the name to be trademarked.  

"We were elated after hearing about the decision in favor of Brunetti this morning. For us this has always been a First Amendment issue. It’s not just a victory for one man with a clothing brand or for a misunderstood band, but a triumph of free speech," share the band. 

"Thank you Simon Tam and The Slants for laying the groundwork, and thank you to the Supreme Court for upholding the value of free speech in the Brunetti case. Much gratitude to the US government for recognizing that there is value in all forms of expression including those that are ‘scandalous and immoral.’ 

"This is a huge step forward! BUT it does not mean that we will automatically be granted our trademark. In fact, it is possible for the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) to rule against us on other grounds if they so choose. But the ruling certainly gives us hope!"

The call comes two years on from Asian-American band The Slants winning a similar case on the basis that they were "re-appropriating an ethnic slur and turning it into a badge of pride". 

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