The Wiggles 'Deeply Disappointed' By Council Playing Their Music To Deter Homeless People

3 November 2023 | 11:51 am | Mary Varvaris

The Wiggles insist that their music is supposed to bring people joy and not to be used in any other way.

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The Wiggles (Source: Supplied)

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The Wiggles have detailed their displeasure with the Bunbury Council for playing Hot Potato on loop, 24 hours a day, to deter homeless people from gathering by a communal waterfront bandstand.

A spokesperson for the iconic children’s music group said they were “deeply disappointed” in a statement to WAtoday, telling the publication that their songs were supposed to bring people joy and not to be used in any other way.

The Wiggles have requested the municipal council to stop playing the song, WAtoday reports.

Bunbury Council was also criticised for the use of Peter Allen’s I Go To Rio for the same reason in 2016.

In other recent The Wiggles news, Hot Potato: The Best Of The OG Wiggles is coming to vinyl on Friday, 24 November.

Hot Potato: The Best Of The OG Wiggles will be released on black and yellow vinyl, with the latter encased in a stunning gatefold sleeve. The greatest hits album sports a stacked 25-track setlist, including Fruit Salad, Hot Potato, Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car and many more.

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The album coincides with the release of the brand-new Wiggles documentary, Hot Potato: The Story Of The Wiggles, which airs on Amazon Prime Video on the same day following its world premiere at SXSW Sydney.

The documentary will include previously unseen behind-the-scenes footage between shining examples of why The Wiggles are Australia’s favourite children’s band. According to a description of Hot Potato, shared in October 2022 upon its original announcement, the feature-length documentary film “is an ode to childhood and a homage to the power of friendship and dreams.”

OG Wiggle Anthony Field added, “Looking through the archives has brought back so many incredible and emotional memories, from our first shows for 30 children to touring America and the world, playing in arenas. It’s been such an incredible and evolving journey, and we can’t wait to share our story with everyone.”