The Preatures' Izzi On Lockouts: Sydney Is "Too Busy And Too Angry"

6 November 2015 | 1:35 pm | Staff Writer

"They're so angry they don't give a fuck and don't want to get involved."

More Isabella Manfredi (The Preatures) More Isabella Manfredi (The Preatures)

Frontwoman of Sydney indie pop outfit The Preatures, Isabella Manfredi, has spoken out in an exclusive interview with The Music about the ongoing state of Sydney's highly controversial lockout laws, stating that "Sydney's been neutralised".

She starts with describing her admiration of Melbourne's vibe, saying, "I saw a side of the city I'd never seen before. There was so much life on the streets," but it leads the conversation to what she thinks of her hometown.

"Sydney's been neutralised," says Manfredi bluntly. "We used to have that scene on Oxford Street, and maybe Newtown, but it's completely under attack now."

She explains that Melbourne is not one to stand for the nanny state that NSW's government has put in place, sharing, "I was chatting with a Melbourne friend about the laws, including the next phase, which says you cannot smoke outside venues at all, not even in beer gardens. My friend said, 'They tried to pass that in Melbourne but people wouldn't have a bar of it.'"

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Manfredi says Sydneysiders are "too busy and too angry". 

"They're angry because they're too busy, and they're too busy because they have to work so hard just to pay the rent. They're so angry they don't give a fuck and don't want to get involved." 

Manfredi's come as QLD continues to battle their proposed 1am lockout plans to curb alcohol-fuelled violence, seeking to push it two hours forward from its current 3am lockout. 

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