'The Masked Singer Australia' Is Returning; Here's Who We Think The Celebrity Contestants Are

7 August 2020 | 5:01 pm | The Music Team

Who do you think is competing this year?

The Masked Singer Australia is set to return to our screens this Monday night and we here at The Music are very, very excited about it. 

This year's promising to be a big one judging by the very sneaky clues dropped about this year's masked celebrity contestants. We thought it's about time to pull those clues apart and take a guess at who they might be...

Clue: “I'm not afraid to take the gloves off... and get my hands a little dirty”

Look, this is nothing but poetic - it's clearly Costa Georgiadis! Firstly, the Gardening Australia host's beard has reached legendary status, must like that of bushranger Ned Kelly. And secondly, getting his "hands a little dirty" is literally what the man does every week on the Logie Award-winning program.

Clue: “Don't let my looks fool you, I'm dangerous... but I would rather keep that private”

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So additional clues for Cactus include “I’m dangerous, but I would rather keep that private", “When they hear my voice, they’ll be yelling ‘You grow girl’," and “She may prickly at times but this mask has a flowery personality!”. We reckon this one could go out Australian singer Gabriella Cilmi whose third album was dubbed The Sting - much like you get when you touch a cactus!

Clue: “I may be classically trained but I’m famous for some other moves”

We've thought a lot about this one and we reckon that former Eurovision star Dami Im is set to take flight as Dragonfly. She's known for her powerful voice but there was also that stint on Dancing With The Stars that got her moving...

Clue: “I only know one way to go.... pedal to the metal from start to finish” 

Insta sleuths have pegged Echnida as Grant Denyer and the evidence stacks up taller than he does. Clues for this year’s sharpest contestant include only knowing “one way to go: pedal to the metal from start to finish”, five records and a cat in a cradle. The Family Feud/Celebrity Name Game/etc host is an Australian GT racing champion who some reason is also a one, two, three, four, FIVE-time Guinness World Record-holder. 

Some also have speculated that the cat/cradle situation is about his kids, but Denyer made headlines earlier this year when he had cameras installed around his home after witnessing a no-jokes black panther “the size of a full-grown sheep“ on his property.

Clue: “I’ve always been a stand-up guy who hangs with birds of a feather”

A stand-up guy, you say? There's just something about this that makes us think this it's none other than The Project's Tommy Little. He's already a Channel Ten star so it makes sense that he can just skip on over to the studio.

Clue: "I'm not just gold, I’m quite precious... and a lot tougher than I look"

There's a second part of the clue floating around that "I may forget you but you won't forget me" which we think suggests it could be Julia Morris in reference to her forgetting nominees at the 2015 Logie Awards. Plus, Morris is already a part of the Ten Family thanks to her stint hosting I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here

Clue: “I’ve never started a fight... but I always nail them in the end”

Look, we'll buy you a beer if this is NOT Mick Fanning. The man literally hit a shark on the head.

Clue: “You wouldn't say I'm shy... maybe that's why I feel the cold so often”

It's been bandied about that Kitten is actually Lydia Lassila - an Australian Winter Olympian, who took out gold for Aerials at the 2010 Vancouver Games. She's no stranger to a reality show either, appearing on the Champions Vs Contenders series of Australian Survivor too, as well as Australian Survivors: All Stars.

Clue: “I've had my brush with royalty...and a long time in a court of law”

This one had us thinking but we think we've got it - Nick Kyrgios. His mum was a legit member of a royal family in Malaysia and spent a stack of time on the tennis court!


Clue: “My sporting pedigree can't be denied... and doesn't that just take the cake!”

Okay, we're drawing a long bow here buuuuut, we think this could be Emma Watkins - aka Emma Wiggle. Watkins is certainly athletic in ability with her extensive Irish dancing background and she's an ARIA Award winner too, which leans into the season's additional clues. 

Clue: “I have quite the way with words... even when they're not mine”

"I heard a rumour" that Kate Walsh could be involved in this year's The Masked Singer production (that's a little nod to all you fellow Umbrella Academy fans out there...). The Hollywood actress fits quite a few of the clues, including being featured on an Emmy Award-winning TV series. Plus, we reckon after a busy few years she needs to slow it down a little and hang like a sloth (and obviously she's used to some next level costuming too thanks to her roll as The Handler).

Clue: “My childhood neighbours hated my singing voice - but I’m having the last laugh now”

Okay, go with us here - Zac Efron is in Australia at the moment. Zac Efron was in a movie called Bad Neighbours. Zac Efron sung in Disney's High School Musical. Shiiiit, it's Zac Efron, guys. 

The Masked Singer Australia returns to Channel Ten on Monday night at 7.30pm.