The Mars Volta Tease New Music Via A Cube In An LA Park

21 June 2022 | 10:02 am | Staff Writer
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It has been a hot minute since The Mars Volta have released new music, and they are certainly not ones to do things in any sort of conventional way. A mysterious cube has showed up in a park in Los Angeles - and inside, plays a 3 minute preview of new music from the band.

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Over the weekend, the band put out some co-ordinates on their social media that resulted in people finding the cube in Grand Park in Los Angeles. 

Here's the original tweet:

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People have got inside the box and found that there is a three-minute preview of the band's new music that plays. With the caveat that mobile phones ARE NOT allowed in the cube, and fair enough! 

We are guessing that this means that there will be an imminent The Mars Volta release coming soon, how soon is anyone's guess, but for the Mars Volta tragics, this is a happy day! 

EDIT: IT IS HERE! Enjoy Blacklight Shine!