The Great Gatsby Trailer Broken Down Shot-By-Shot

23 May 2012 | 12:41 pm | Daniel Crichton Rouse

The Great Gatsby trailer has debuted online. We decided to dissect it.

More Baz Luhrmann More Baz Luhrmann

The trailer for Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby has debuted online and it features Auto-Tune, fireworks, and Carey Mulligan looking pouty.

You can watch the trailer here, or follow along with our commentary below.


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 So far, so Hustle & Flow.


 First shot of the new Sim City – sorry, New York City, 1922. When thumping bass drums and funk were all the rage...


...and partying in open-top cars crossing bridges was a common sight. Just like Brighton-Le-Sands, then.


 Christopher Nolan called, he wants his shot back.


There's more symmetry than a Wes Anderson film here, but what''s that? Auto-Tune? Nothing says early-1900s glamour like Auto-Tune. bringing the ruckus.


 Caroline Bingley shows up for the party. Oh, sorry, I seem to have mixed up my books.


 Contrary to what you might think, this isn't Evan Rachel Wood, but someone who would've been a lot cheaper to cast.


 This is not strictly ballroom dancing.


Molly Ringwald makes her long-awaited comeback. "Do you know him?" she asks, presumably talking about the director.


 Carey Mulligan, as effortlessly graceful as ever. I'll have what's she's having.


 <baz luhrmann> </baz luhrmann>


 This is actually a shot of the audience from the IMAX test screening.


 "On my command, unleash the Oscars."




 "I'm certanly glad to see you again." Which is meta, clearly, because Leo and Baz have worked together in the past.


 Leo, on the other hand, doesn't look happy to see Carey/Baz. 'This had better be important. I'm wet, and wearing white."


 Oh, him.


 Leo's mildly amused by that last comment.


The most unexpected shot in the history of cinema.


 *whisper* *whisper* *something important* *whisper* *whisper*


 "Gentlemen, please. It is my name in the film's title so I must make another appearance in the trailer."


 *something* *something* *second meme panel*


 Meme punchline.


 I will drink your milkshakes.


 "You always look so cool," Carey says using Baz's trademark "cool" prop, the cigarette.


 "Heh. You know what's cool?"


 "My shirts! Of which I have too many. Here, have some shirts! I can't wear them all, hahaha!"


 But somebody doesn't want the shirts, actually.


 Joel'll take them, though. Joel understands the value of a good shirt.


 "I've just heard the most shocking thing!" What, the budget of this film?


 Roadshow weren't happy with that joke.


 "Psst. You're a real hero, Gatsby. A real human being."


 Someone's going to win an Oscar for this shot.


 Baz mightn't have gotten ABBA on the soundtrack, but that doesn't mean he can't still reference them in his film.


 Token yellow-classic-car-speeding-through-the-streets shot.


 You'd think with the budget Gatsby has they could've waited for better weather.






 This is more like it! I want to go where he's going.


 Or maybe not.



The Great Gatsby opens in cinemas nationally 10 January, 2013.

Written by Daniel Crichton-Rouse