AMID Power 50: Who Are The Next Generation Of The Music Industry?

5 July 2012 | 3:46 pm | Scott Fitzsimons

The names we think we'll be hearing a lot more of in the future.

Earlier this week SPA and theMusic presented the inaugural AMID Power 50, the Australasian Music Industry Directory's list of the 50 most powerful people in the music industry as determined by the AMID editorial team in consultation with industry professionals from a number of sectors.

Along with the list, the 48th edition of the AMID also features a number of articles analysing the list - Who just missed out? Why weren't TV and online music distribution represented? Why so few women?

One of the articles took a look at a few select names who were discussed during the AMID Power 50 process and who we feel are likely to feature in an upcoming edition of the now-annual AMID Power 50.

Up and comers of the AMID Power 50

Dom Alessio from triple j. Now the sole host of the influential broadcaster's flagship new Australian music program Home & Hosed, Alessio has a strong profile with a new generation of music listeners. Well settled in the triple j ranks, he'll be in-line for bigger and more prominent postings as they become available. His profile will only rise from here.

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Jai Al-Attas from ZAPPP. By no means a new name in the music industry, Al-Attas enjoyed success with his high school record label Below Par Records. After running that through its course Al-Attas is staying innovative as part of the creative marketing agency One Meaning Communicated Differently and mobile app development brand ZAPPP. Both of those brands are come under the Staple Group's umbrella and if Staple see something in these concepts then there probably is.

Matt Colwell aka rapper 360. From hip hop notoriety to music celebrity, Matt Colwell's voice under the guise of 360 is getting louder and louder. He lives quite a public life through social media channels, where he's just as ready to respond to 'purist' critics as is he to excite fans. For now his focus is solely on his music career (rather than influencing the industry as a whole) but if his profile keeps growing at close to its current rate, it's going to be hard to ignore.

Nick Findlay from triple j. The heir apparent to Top 50 entry Richard Kingsmill, Findlay has been the Assistant Music Director at the station for five years and when the King took extended leave at the start of 2012 he took over the role effortlessly. He could have half the impact that Kingsmill has had over the years and still be worthy for consideration in upcoming polls. Expect a major boost in his national profile if/when he gets the top job permanently.

Ben Preece from Mucho Bravado. One of 'Brisbane's finest', he's built a nice little management stable with triple j fodder Hungry Kids Of Hungary, Ball Park Music and Tara Simmons amongst others. The first two gained a fair bit of traction with their debut records locally and internationally and will be very interesting to watch come second album time. Mucho also takes care of PR for Emma Louise, Art Of Sleeping, The Belligerents, Nantes and do a pretty good job of it.

Megan Reeder Hope from Secret Service. Head of Publicity and Promotions across Secret Service, Dew Process and Create/Control, we've already expressed how highly we think of those companies in the AMID Power 50 (hint: #2). Reeder Hope is the frontline and the public face at the moment and has built a very strong industry rapport. The developments of new ventures, particularly Create/Control, are exciting prospects.

Jodie Regan from Spinning Top. Managing the careers of Tame Impala, Pond, Felicity Groom, Allbrook/Avery to international acclaim, Regan and Spinning Top have become more than just a force in the Perth scene. Also branching out into Spinning Top Records, they won WA Record Label Of The Year at the WAMi Awards recently.

Brooke Salisbury from Spunk Records. The label manager to the incredibly hip Spunk Records, Salisbury has worked on campaigns for acts as big as Arcade Fire, My Morning Jacket and Spoon as well as helping craft local releases from The Middle East and Jack Ladder. After Spunk jumped ship from EMI to Cooperative earlier this year, she essentially became part of their promo group as well. With a Bloc Party release coming up, there's plenty of respect to be earned.

We'll publish the AMID article of 'Those Who Just Missed Out' tomorrow!