The Fall Of Troy re-record 'Chain Wallet, Nike Shoes' for new album, 'Mukiltearth'

1 August 2020 | 6:55 pm | Alex Sievers
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An excellent re-recording of a deep Fall Of Troy cut from before they were even called The Fall Of Troy.

An excellent re-recording of 'Chain Wallet, Nike Shoes'; a deep Fall Of Troy cut from long before they were even called The Fall Of Troy. 

For those unaware, before The Fall Of Troy were known as The Fall Of Troy they were called The Thirty Years War. This is a fact that I myself often forget about as I only really focus on and listen to the material the band released under their better-known second moniker. But to American math-rock/post-hardcore trio, the genesis of their career is just as important as the now. Doubly so when looking at the track-listing for their new album, which shows that they've apparently re-recorded the six songs from their Thirty Years War EP, 'Martyrs Among the Casualties' (2002).

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Following the release of their previous single, 'We Are The Future' (an actual new song), this week the band dropped a ferocious 2020 update of 'Chain Wallet, Nike Shoes.' It's the staccato, riff-heavy math-rock and snarling screams that we know of the band, whilst retaining that instrumentally technical and melodic post-hardcore sound. You can definitely hear the strong influence that other bands like At The Drive-In had on these guys in their youths 18 years ago. This is like a potent, reminding blend of everything that Fall Of Troy does so well, spread out over an excited five-minutes. And I can't get enough of it, honestly. Compared to the original, it's very faithful, just re-recreated with the deadly skill of a band who have honed their craft over nearly two decades together and with tighter production.

Upon sharing the news to eager fans, the band wrote on their social media that: "This was the very first song we ever wrote together as a band, reimagined and FINALLY recorded the way it was always supposed to be!!!"

New album 'Mukiltearth' - which was only announced less than two weeks ago - is out Saturday, August 8th, 2020 through Big Scary Monsters. Colour us keen!