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The Atlantics, Russell Morris Added To National Registry of Recorded Sound

21 August 2013 | 9:23 am | Staff Writer

The recordings have been revealed

More Archie Roach More Archie Roach

The 2013 additions to the National Registry of Recorded Sound have been revealed today, with a range of iconic recordings from the likes of Russell Morris, The Atlantics, Archie Roach and Peter Allen included.

As reported in the Herald Sun, Morris's hit from the '60s The Real Thing, Allen's legendary aussie anthem I Still Call Australia Home, The Atlantics' influential surf culture track Bombora and the emotionally powerful Took The Children Away from Roach were all included. Comedy duo Roy & HG also found themselves included in the archive with their long-standing radio program This Sporting Life.

Back in May we suggested a few recordings that we believed were worthy of entering the archive, with Bombora one of our picks. Guitarist for The Atlantics, Jim Skiathitis told theMusic today that the band were very proud of the honour.

"Peter [Hood] and I are very excited and extremely honoured that Bombora is to be a part of Australia's audio history, especially as this year marks the 50th anniversary of Bombora. So it has become a great milestone for us in more ways than one. We would like to offer our sincere thanks to everyone involved."

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Here is the full list of the 2013 inclusions:

Florrie Forde - Hold Your Hand Out Naughty Boy (1913)

Rex Dawe and Cast - Yes, What?, 5AD (1936-40)

The Atlantics - Bombora (1963)

Dougie Young - The Land Where The Crow Flies Backwards (1964)

Russell Morris - The Real Thing (1969)

Peter Allen - I Still Call Australia Home (1980)

Dr Ros Bandt - Improvisation In Acoustic Chambers (1981)

Roy & HG - This Sporting Life (1986-2008)

Greg Wignell - Recording of a Superb Lyrebird at Healesville, Vic (1987)

Archie Roach - Took The Children Away (1990)