The Ataris Cancel Shows As Frontman Fails To Fly

18 November 2013 | 10:48 am | Staff Writer

Kris Roe's flight hits trouble

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Veteran American pop punk band The Ataris have pulled out of their Australia dates this months after frontman Kris Roe failed to fly in to Australia.

Roe, who has a fear of flying, is believed to have boarded a flight that was forced to return to Los Angles after engine failure. He did not board another flight.

In a statement on Facebook the band's Thomas Holst confirmed they would not be playing on the Hits & Pits festival, which kicked off late last week.

“I don't particularly feel comfortable speaking for the band right now, but someone's gotta say something,” he wrote. “Point blank. The Ataris will not be performing on any dates of the Hits & Pits Festival 2.0 in Australia.

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“I realize the rumors will start to swirl so here are the simple facts. Fact #1. It's very known amongst Ataris fans that Kristopher Roe of The Ataris has an extreme fear of flying. Fact #2. On Sunday night, his original flight out of LAX [Los Angeles airport] had engine failure and needed to return to LAX – everyone was safe. Fact #3. I have three members of The Ataris that are in Australia right now and we're working to get them home. Fact #4. Kristopher did not get on another plane to Australia.”

He went on to indicate that their cancellation had “nothing to do” with the festival and applauded the promoter's dealing of the situation.

Earlier this year Row had outlined how he would be driving around Australia for the event and had booked their own separate Perth date due to the time it would take to drive to the West Coast.