The Association Of Artist Managers Want You To Share Your Experiences

23 January 2016 | 10:51 am | Staff Writer

They're conducting a huge research survey on band/artist managers

The Association Of Artist Managers (AAM) have a huge favour to ask of artist managers and self-managed artists in our music industry — for the first time, they're conducting an extensive research project about the backgrounds, needs and experiences of band/DJ/artist managers in Australia.

The completely anonymous study is now open and as AAM co-chair says, "This is the first ever comprehensive study of Australian managers, and the results will be used to provide a much needed understanding of the management sector.

"The results will be distributed to peak bodies and government departments in order to support new opportunities for managers and the greater music business community in Australia."

Founded in 2006 by a slew of esteemed managers such as Gregg Donovan (Grinspoon, Josh Pyke), John Watson (Silverchair) and more, the survey will be open from Thursday, 21 January to Friday, 12 February.

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Take part in the survey here.