The 1975's New Record Offers Hope & Authenticity 'In A World That Appears To Be Falling Apart'

22 May 2020 | 8:53 am | The Music Team

There's a tonne of new music released every Friday and wading through it to find your next favourite album is an almost impossible task. 'The Music' team get it and we're here to help, bringing you our Album Of The Week each Friday. Here's why The 1975's 'Notes On A Conditional Form' gets our pick.

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After a couple of delays, The 1975's long-awaited album Notes On A Conditional Form is here, with Matty Healy, Adam Hann, Ross MacDonald and George Daniel in fine form on their follow-up to 2018's A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships.

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Review by Emily Blackburn. Read the full review here...

"The album covers many personal and vulnerable themes; one most obvious is anxiety and internal struggles with ones poor mental wellbeing. Frail State Of Mind's twinkling strings, synth leads and vocal chops are all whirled into a dream pool of sound as singer Matty Healy's fragile voice navigates struggling mentally around friends and family while avoiding being a burden 'don't wanna bore you with my frail state of mind' pulling hard at the heart."

"Sure to take everyone by storm, the initial country-styled guitar licks of Roadkill feels completely out of left field, but knowing The 1975 at all, you'd be used to the surprises. References to 2014's Robbers are sprinkled throughout, the line "if you don't eat then you'll never grow" taking a self-dig at failing to catch your decline. As always we are met with a few instrumental tracks, from the cinematic The End (Music For Cars) and Streaming, the reggae cross hip hop breakdown of Shiny Collarbone or the kaleidoscopic colour trip of Having No Head, they're each a solid nod to The 1975's proficient ability to create a story through sound alone."

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"Don't Worry, featuring Healy's father Tim is a glimmer of hope, love and support, reminding that no matter the sun, the rain or the storms, we've all got someone to bare it with. It is singlehandedly the song that may just help fans get through this tough global climate. As wholesome slow-jam Guys wraps up, exuding vulnerability, Notes On A Conditional Form offers a loving sense of relatability and authenticity in a world that appears to be falling apart at the seams."

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Matty Healy stopped by The Green Room With Neil Griffiths recently to chat about the new album, The 1975 being a punk band, why they had to pull-out of the Brisbane leg of Laneway Festival earlier this year and more. Check out the episode below.