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The 1975 Frontman Matty Healy IS The 'Flushed Away' Rat

17 April 2023 | 1:26 pm | Mary Varvaris

"Maybe I am officially a f*cking rat."

(The 1975: Supplied, Flushed Away via Facebook)

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Matty Healy has seen your memes, namely the ones where people refer to him as the Flushed Away rat. Is there a resemblance? Sure, it’s there.

Addressing the audience in Brisbane on Saturday in footage captured by The Music, The 1975 vocalist said, “There’s a meme that I’m a specific rat which is, is it the kid from Flushed Away?” He asks to a huge cheer.

He continues, “I’m not - this is actually doing me damage. I’m not cashing in on anything here. But we’re all friends, and I’ve seen that meme so many times this made me laugh. 

“And the reason I’ve not said anything about it is because - listen, the reason I’m successful is because of this fucking brilliant band,” [crowd applauds and cheers]. He adds, “Guys, you know my parents are actors, so… my mother is an actress. She’s a legend. Give it up for Mum. 

“Her godfather [Ian La Frenais] is a producer, and he produces movies, and I wasn’t actually close with him until I was probably about 14 years old or something like that,” Healy shared. 

“But anyway, he was looking for inspiration for a movie he was producing called Flushed Away [laughs], so it is genuinely based on me. 

"I know that seems ridiculous, but if you do enough internet research, you’ll be able to find out that that’s true. So they did a good job; maybe I am officially a fucking rat.” Healy continues to chug some wine out of his trusty bottle, telling a story he knew the audience in Brisbane would love. Check out the footage here.

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Last week, Healy also treated the crowd in Adelaide with a candid speech about the expectations placed on him to continue working off-stage on social media.

Speaking in Adelaide last Monday, the singer confirmed that he no longer wants to “perform” offstage and, as such, deactivated his social media accounts. 

As the Evening Standard reported, Healy explained his decision to step back from being online, “It’s because everything happens in eras. The 1975 is a very eras band. The era of me being a fucking arsehole is coming to an end. I’ve had enough.”

He continued, “I perform all the time, and it’s my job, and I love doing this, but I can’t perform off the stage anymore as I just want to be a bloke.”

You can read The Music’s review of The 1975 live in Perth here.