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Go Behind The Scenes On Sylvan Esso's 'Ferris Wheel' Music Video

8 October 2020 | 11:34 am | Amelia Meath

We chat with Amelia Meath of Sylvan Esso who took us behind the scenes on the US duo's latest music video, 'Ferris Wheel'. Here's what went down on set...

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We shot Ferris Wheel in a small town in South Carolina from 6pm to 6am on a socially distanced set.

The crew was very small so communication and was key to get all the footage we could. Rain storms kept rolling in through the night so we would all have to hop off the ferris wheel and run inside when a new cloud rolled over.

But overall the wet pavement made the lights look more romantic and dreamy.


This tiny merry go round was one of my favorites on set. Reminded me a of a pint-sized Central Park.

Never got to meet this llama but her contributions cannot be understated.

Piles of giant stuffed animals were not possible because of the rain so we filled our prize display with cute blow-up figures.

This was the moment when we figured out that we could use the puddle as a mirror image for the final shot. So fun!


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In support of their new album, Free Love, Sylvan Esso will kick off their From The Satellite virtual concert series next week.

For more details, check out theGuide.