Sydneysiders To Protest Lockout Laws

7 September 2015 | 1:56 pm | Staff Writer

Enough is enough.

Thousands of Sydneysiders are set to come together this week to protest the city's controversial lockout laws in the form of the Reclaim The Streets music festival. 

The free friendly-event which commences at Hyde Park on Sunday 13 September, will feature a multi-mobile stage that will then make its way through the areas of the city that have felt the full brunt of the lockouts. 

Reclaim The Streets spokesperson Jack London said the protest is being staged because the laws have not solved any problems, but simply moved it to a new area. 

"The lockout laws haven’t reduced alcohol-related violence. They've just moved the problem to Newtown and crippled our city’s nighttime economy," London said.

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"We need smarter responses to this social and cultural problem than treating the entire state like children."

London believes that this week's protest is about much more than licensed venues being forced to close their doors early. 

"The decay of Sydney's nightlife is a visible symptom of a much bigger problem: the influence of money on policy," he said.

"Property developers, casino owners, miners, road builders and bankers are tearing our city apart for their own gain. But while they're acting like pigs at a trough with our governments' blessing, the average Sydneysider is being left behind. We believe our city should be affordable, open and supportive of everyone who works, lives or plays here."

This is not the first the time the group have staged a protest in Sydney, with the last event taking place throughout Camperdown and Marrickville this time last year. 

A slew of local producers and DJs will perform sets during the protest which include Magda Bytnerowicz, Simon Caldwell, Alex Bonnici, KaoLudo, P Smurf, Claude Money, Stevie Dub and many more. 

For more details, check out the official Facebook page