Svalbard Honour Joey Jordison In Electrifying New Single, 'Eternal Spirits'

1 March 2023 | 2:11 pm | Mary Varvaris
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Svalbard's first track of 2023 is a ripper and makes us anticipate their upcoming fourth album even more.

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English post-hardcore/metalcore outfit Svalbard are back with a new single, Eternal Spirits, a brutal number that’s not only a welcome return following their third and most recent album, 2020’s When I Die, Will I Get Better?, but a stunning tribute to Slipknot's Joey Jordison, who passed away in his sleep in July 2021.

Svalbard's first track of 2023 is a ripper, featuring frenzied verses with vocalist Serena Cherry’s screamed vocals on display. Later, she showcases a breathy clean tone before the tempo picks back up. It’s a powerful track that should surely lift anticipation for what’s to come next - the band is currently hard at work on their fourth album. Check out Eternal Spirits below.

Eternal Spirits is one of the most tragic songs we have ever written, yet it is also a celebration of legacy and musical heritage. It is a song about late metal musicians who sadly passed away too soon and the loss we feel within the metal community without their presence,” Cherry divulged in a statement. 

She added, “This song is a heartfelt tribute to our metal heroes who are gone but will never be forgotten because their legacy lives on in the millions of hearts they have touched with their music. It's crushing when your heroes die, but with this song, we want to commemorate our late heroes' glorious music and the legions of bands they have inspired. That inspiration will never die.

“On a more personal level, Joey Jordison was the person who inspired me to pick up an instrument. I started learning drums when I was 12 years old because of the energy and passion he exuded from his playing. When I listened to his drumming, every hit gave me a surge of motivation. His creative spark lit a fire within me that will never be extinguished. I'd like to dedicate Eternal Spirits to his memory.”

Svalbard's music - this form of emotional music dolled up into hardcore/metal - really means something, with the UK group saying something essential as loud as they bloody well can.

In a Kill Your Stereo album review of 2018’s It’s Hard To Have Hope, we found Svalbard's record to be a diamond in the rough of shitty hardcore releases, which felt overwhelmingly crucial in the long run about how heavy music circles discuss complex topics such as gender equality, sexual assault, rape, and the rights of women, among other matters. And talking about mourning and honouring our loved ones is just as important.

Eternal Spirits is available to stream now via Nuclear Blast Records.