Sticky Fingers Cancel Brisbane Show As Dylan Frost Hospitalised

5 August 2023 | 9:58 pm | Staff Writer

Sticky Fingers cancel Brisbane show at the last minute as Dylan Frost falls ill.

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Sticky Fingers Brisbane show at the Riverstage was cancelled tonight as singer Dylan Frost was taken unexpectedly ill and rushed to hospital.

The rest of the band took to the stage to tell patrons the bad news.

“As best we know he’s ok,” said Freddy Crabs. “Obviously this was a short time ago so we can’t do the show. Sorry to put you out like this. This is one of the best venues in Australia, we love coming here. We love you all. It’s killing me right now. We know when you go home tonight, please, I know this is a frustrating moment for all of you. Please, just be respectful. We are so sorry and we’ll keep you updated. It’s going to be alright. We’re sorry. We’re really really sorry.”

“We’re going to reschedule the show,” said Paddy Cornwall. “The good new is we’re going to do it all again. If you can look after each other on the way out. We’re f*cking devastated.”

Frost’s health has been in question across the band’s chequered career, with multiple mental and physical heath issues he has battled.

Despite the issues, the band has continued to perform to sold out crowds across Australia and the world, with their most recent Lekkerboy tour playing to fans across Europe, Australia and the UK.

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Updates on Frost’s health are expected from the band over the next few days as Brisbane fans await news of the rescheduling of the show.