'The Force Awakens' Cracks $1 Billion At Global Box Office In Record Time

28 December 2015 | 11:07 am | Staff Writer

Leaving Avatar and Jurassic World in the dust

In less than two weeks — 12 days to be precise — the seventh installment of the global Star Wars franchise has broken the record for the fastest ever $1 billion made in worldwide film revenue. 

As Rolling Stone reports, The Force Awakens ploughed past the billion dollar mark faster than previous record holders Jurassic World (13 days) and Avatar (19 days). It's reported that the film made $49.3 million on Christmas Day alone.

It's estimated that the film has made $544 million in the States, with $546 million made elsewhere around the world — noting that the film won't be released in China, reportedly the world's second largest movie-going market, until 9 January.

Now we know what J.J. Abrams got on the twelfth day of Christmas.

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