'No One Could Tell Us What To Do': Just How Powerful Were The Spice Girls In The '90s?

1 April 2020 | 11:02 am | Neil Griffiths

"We were successful really quickly... we had a lot of power."

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With the release of their 1996 debut album, Spice, Spice Girls became the biggest girl group of all time. 

Despite forming only two years prior, the UK five-piece had taken over pop music with the record and their debut single, Wannabe, which had hit #1 in 37 countries just months earlier and group member Melanie C admits they experienced a high level of success, and power, very quickly.

Appearing on a recent episode of The Green Room with Neil Griffiths podcast, the singer, known as Sporty Spice to Spice Girls fans, discussed the height of the group's success.

"To be honest with you, we were so lucky because I just think the dynamic of the band and the characters within the band and we were successful really quickly... we had a lot of power," she told host Neil Griffiths.

"No one could tell us what to do. We had arguments with the label and we always got our own way and thankfully, we were always right.

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"We were in a position of power so we were quite lucky in that we pretty much didn't really do anything we didn't want to do."

Despite the global attention, Mel C said the group felt "pressure" to maintain that success.

"You are successful, you want to maintain that success and in order to do that it's a lot of hard work."

In The Green Room episode, Mel C also discussed feeling rebellious when going solo and if Spice Girls will ever perform in Australia again.

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