Need A Distraction From Auspol? These Dog-themed Tunes Should Help

17 May 2019 | 11:48 am | Lauren Baxter

Bow wow boogies.

Need a distraction from #auspol? The battle for the Iron Throne too much to bear? Well then, let us ask you this dear reader... do you have a canine-themed playlist on your music streaming platform of choice? It'll help soothe your suffering we promise. Here are a few hot picks to get you started so you can focus on the important things in life in these troubling times - dogs obviously.

The Beatles - Martha My Dear

Ahh, ‘The White Album’. We go immediately from Lennon’s alleged heroin ode, to a wholesome tune about McCartney’s sheepdog. No wonder they are considered by many to be the greatest writing duo of all time - that sequencing. Crisp, clean doggo goodness. 

Neil Young - Old King

What’s the old adage again? It’s not a country song until your wife leaves you, your dog dies or your pickup truck breaks down? While Neil Young might be famed for working with crazed equines rather than canines, Old King is about Young’s dog Elvis. Which is a nice segue to...

Elvis Presley - Old Shep

Bet you thought Hound Dog would make the list. Ha - fools! Elvis wasn’t singing about pups when he took on that 12-bar blues classic so Old Shep it is. But do note, this is depressing AF. You’ll need to go home and immediately hug your furry friend. 

Pink Floyd - Seamus

Hell yeah - subwoofers blasting actually woofers. Ok, it’s more of a howl, but still. David Gilmour might have said "it wasn't really as funny to everyone else [as] it was to us", but we reckon all albums should have a dog feature. Seamus could have been the next big thing.

Norah Jones - Man Of The Hour

Norah Jones choosing her dog over men is a mood. “I can't choose/Between a vegan and a pothead/So I chose you, because you're sweet/And you give me lots of lovin' and you eat meat.” Can you really blame her? 

Oasis - Supersonic

There are a few universal truths we can all agree on. The earth is an oblate spheroid (@ me flat-earthers, I dare you) and the Gallagher brothers are notorious shit-talkers. But apparently the Elsa referred to in Supersonic is actually a gassy dog who chilled out underneath the mixing-desk snacking on Alka Seltzer and, ok, that's an image we can get behind.

The Fauves - Dogs Are The Best People 

Roy from The IT Crowd said it best: “People, what a bunch of bastards.” Hear, hear. So when a tune with lyrics like, “It's true dogs are the best people/His love comes free and unconditionally,” comes along, we'd have to agree.

Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars


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