Snake On The Loose: Major Aus Gig Halted Over ‘Comical’ Incident

21 March 2022 | 11:37 am | Staff Writer

"The weirdest part of our gig today..."

Saturday's Under The Southern Stars concert in Adelaide, featuring Bush, Stone Temple Pilots and more, was interrupted due to an extremely unique circumstance.

No, it wasn't due to COVID, flooding or fire, rather a snake that was spotted in the crowd during The Superjesus' set, which resulted in the show being paused.

In a Facebook post, Sarah McLeod said: "The weirdest part of our gig today was that there was a snake in the audience. The security were all standing around it in a circle to make sure it didn’t hurt anyone while we all waited for the snake handler to come.

"We were told to hold the show until the snake was gone. Then when the snake saw the snake handler it took off down a hole in the grass.

"The snake handler proceeded to try and look for it EVERYWHERE.. it was comical to watch … in the end we said fuck it let’s start the show and no one mentioned it again. 

"God knows where it ended up but I think the sound of @sturudd on the bass would’ve sent that thing to a galaxy far far away…"

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Under The Southern Stars continues tomorrow night in Wollongong; you can find more details on the tour here.

Hey guys Sarah here… so check this out, the weirdest part of our gig today was that there was a snake in the audience....

Posted by The Superjesus on Saturday, March 19, 2022