DJ Smokin Joe Mekhael Denied World Champion Status

8 May 2012 | 1:28 pm | Daniel Crichton Rouse

His 132-hour DJ set wasn't enough, it turns out.

In what has come as a devasting blow to the Australian dance music community and, indeed, the world, the Guinness world record that Sydney DJ Smokin Joe Mekhael - the most elecrifying man in dance music today - set in December last year for longest continual DJ set has been made null and void.

According to a post from Smokin Joe on Facebook today, "It has just come to my attention that Rene Brunner set a new Guinness world record of 150 hours in October last year and that the Guinness website wasn't updated until early this year, well after I completed my marathon set. While I thought that I had set a new world record of 132 hours in December, the time to beat was in fact 150 hours."

For anyone who followed along at home, or headed along to Empire to champion the DJ along, Smokin Joe Mekhael - the most elecrifying man in dance music today - was always in form, and humoured many a fan watching via live web feed with requests. It truly was a captivating moment in Australian dance music history, and an exercise in endurance.

"I must say that I was very shocked and disappointed when I read this," continued Smokin Joe on Facebook. "It felt like those five and a half days of dedication were for nothing and I felt like a fraud for calling myself the champ for the past four months. The moment when I thought that I had broken the record was the happiest moment of my life, and now it feels like none of it was real. But then I realised how it brought people from the scene together, how it sent out vibrations of peace and love all over the world and how it really tested my mental strength. Last year, I went well beyond what I thought the record was but when it comes to the crunch, I failed. This failure has only strengthened my resolve and later this year, I guarantee that I will set a new Guinness world record for the longest DJ set in history with your help."

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You're no failure in our minds, Smokin Joe - 132 hours is still 130 hours more than any of us here at has ever managed.