Slowly Slowly Hold Nothing Back With Their New Album 'Race Car Blues'

28 February 2020 | 8:00 am | Staff Writer

We get it - choosing where to start with all the stacks of great new music each week can be a daunting task. 'The Music' team are here to help though, bringing you our Album Of The Week each Friday. Here's why Slowly Slowly's 'Race Car Blues' gets our pick.

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Just under two years on from St Leonards, Slowly Slowly are back with their latest offering Race Car Blues

Among the album's announcement, frontman Ben Stewart described the album along the lines of having a stack of new toys to play with. 

"Over the past few years we have really come to love our time on stage, from someone who dreaded the spotlight a few years ago, I now feel so impatient to take this record around the country," said Stewart. 

"I feel like a kid with a bunch of new toys or a painter with a set of new colours.

"I love how a live show evolves once you start to interpret the songs in front of an audience –the songs we have been playing for a few years have developed so much on stage to where although they have the same bones, they have become different beasts. I can’t wait to watch these songs get injected with the same energy and watch them stand on their own feet, taking us along for the ride. They mean so much to me and I have a feeling they will resonate with our truest fans."

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What we're saying... 

Review by Emily Blackburn. Read more here...

"Melbourne four-piece Slowly Slowly have held nothing back, musically and emotionally, in the 12 tracks that make up their third album, Race Car Blues.

"Classic pop-punk stylings arise with crisp and simple drum beats during Safety Switch and a defiant chorus during You Are Bigger Than This Town, which is sure to have fans screaming in unison during shows. It’s like the noise has been turned up a notch – the guitars are rougher, the drums are punchier and the vocals hit harder throughout. Yet it's the lyrical content that really shines through...

"As Race Car Blues ends with Stewart's shaky breathing, it’s as if the last 40 minutes were a cathartic release of emotional energy leaving us tired but free."

What they're saying... 

Stewart recently stopped by The Green Room With Neil Griffiths to chat about Race Car Blues, check it out below.