Simona Castricum Announces Self-Produced Third Album

25 February 2016 | 4:49 pm | Staff Writer

She's playing a few shows in support too

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Melburnian transgender femme artist Simona Castricum has announced her third, entirely self-produced, new album — a techno-pop gem called #TriggerWarning40

The record features two tracks you may have already laid ears on — No Allegiance and Ennis House Pool — as well as six others, all combining to create a showcase of Castricum's favourite rave sounds and comedown moods, taking apart themes like self harm, existentialism and being transgender.

Released through LISTEN Records, Castricum is also taking to a few stages very soon to showcase all her new material. She'll hit up RACK OFF! Festival at The Tote on 5 March, Gaytimes from 12-14 March, Pillow Pro Residency on 23 March and Transgenre on 3 April at Howler. 

You can pick up #TriggerWarning40 here.

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