Shellac Announce Full Australian Tour

8 August 2012 | 10:00 am | Dan Condon

For their first visit in 19 years, they're going almost everywhere.

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After selling out their two Melbourne Festival shows in no time flat, Shellac, one of the pre-eminent noise rock bands in the history of the world, have announced a full Australian tour this morning that will give the hungry masses their chance to finally see this band destroy audiences for the first time since 1993. Now, not all of us were able to attend shows 19 years ago, so for many this will be the very first time they have had the chance to see this band live and given how sporadically they perform and record, who knows if and or when we will get another chance. Hell, here's a quote from the band themselves:

“We all work for a living and the band is our pastime, so we don't tour often or for very long. Concerts and touring have no correlation with album releases, but we tour when we have the time and inclination. We love playing music together. The band will continue to release albums and play concerts at the same sporadic pace indefinitely.”

The band, made up of Steve Albini, Bob Weston and Todd Trainer, have released just four (admittedly incredible) records since their formation over 20 years ago and their self-described “minimalist rock” – though many deem it to be post-hardcore – continues to find new audiences each and every year. The cliché fits in this instance; this is Shellac of North America, these are shows that are not to be missed.

Support in Hobart, Brisbane and Adelaide comes from Pikelet, while SMRTS get the nod in Perth. Black Level Embassy take the Sydney slot as well as one of the already sold out Melbourne shows, while My Disco take the other show in their hometown.

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