Melbourne's Masketta Fall Second Winner In Red Bull Comp

10 April 2012 | 10:00 am | Staff Writer

Masketta Fall follow in the footsteps of fellow Melbourne outfit Let's Not Pretend.

More Masketta Fall More Masketta Fall

Masketta Fall won round two of the webcast competition with track Without You.The guitar-pop outfit take their dues from the likes of Story Of The Year and Good Charlotte.

The competition enocurages unsigned bands to upload tracks to the Red Bull Bedroom Jam website, the tracks are then ranked via a 'buzz' chart which is determined through social media interaction and shares. A winner is announced each fortnight, with winners advancing to the next stage of the competition - a live show.

Eventual winners will be given the opportunity to perform at a major music festival as well as record at Red Bull's Sydney studios.

Masketta Falls - Bradden Ross (vocals, 19), Daniel Molivas (guitar, 22), Benjamin James (guitar/vocals, 22), Jamie Ross (drums, 21) and Ryan Spiller (bass, 21) - will release their debut EP, recorded late last year, mid 2012.

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Entries for bands to enter are open from now until September.