Saviour Vocalist Bryant Best Becomes A Father

13 May 2023 | 10:31 am | Mary Varvaris
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Congratulations to the happy family!

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Photo of Saviour (Source: Supplied)

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Saviour vocalist Bryant Best and his partner Courtney are officially parents, welcoming their daughter Maisey into the world this week. Congratulations to the happy family!

“Another tiny legend joins the Greyscale Family. Welcome Maisey,” the band’s record label, Greyscale Records, posted on social media yesterday. “Congratulations to Bryant of SAVIOUR and his partner, on the safe arrival of their little girl”.

In January, Best revealed the exciting news that he and his partner were expecting a baby girl, posting an ultrasound photo on Instagram with a Brisbane Lions beanie edited into the photo. “In about 4 months we are bringing a little girl into the world,” he wrote.

Best added, “It's both extremely exciting and extremely spooky. Life is crazy. But kids are sick”.

Another tiny legend joins the Greyscale Family. Welcome Maisey! Congratulations to Bryant of SAVIOUR and his partner, on the safe arrival of their little girl. 💖

Posted by Greyscale Records on Thursday, May 11, 2023

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Also in January, Saviour co-vocalist and keyboard player, Shontay Snow, introduced her baby girl, Autumn, with a series of gorgeous photos posted to Instagram.

In a review of Saviour’s latest album, Shine & Fade, we commented about Snow's performance on the album closer, Wishing Well:

"Unlike a lot of the rest of the record where each song builds up towards a certain point, this song builds down so beautifully in the way that it's experimental until it hits a familiar point with Shontay’s voice at 2:30, then it fades out into this stunning end to the record. But not before one final epic moment."

Last year, Snow announced that she was deemed no longer an "essential member" of Saviour via her Instagram stories.

In July last year, Snow wrote, "I was so excited to get back on stage and do what I love but instead, with a broken heart, I am sharing that I am no longer an 'essential' member of Saviour."

We are elated that things seem to be resolved, with Greyscale Records writing about Saviour's brilliant 2022: 

"Saviour returned in a big way. With two hugely successful singles and the release of their record Shine & Fade. The biggest triumph being their return to stage after nearly 3 years. 2023 is going to start our bright with keys & vocalist @shontaysnow expecting a little girl any day now. There will never be enough Saviour."