Saves The Day's Chris Conley has on-stage outburst

25 February 2016 | 3:14 pm | Alex Sievers
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Saves The Day's Chris Conley had a bit of an on-stage meltdown while performing at a group event on Tuesday night at at the House Of Independents in New Jersey.

Saves The Day's Chris Conley reportedly had a bit of an on-stage meltdown while performing at a group event at the House Of Independents in New Jersey this week.

This event/act/thing was called Where's The Band - five singers taking turns up on stage to perform acoustic renditions of hits from their respective bands. These included The Get Up Kids' Matt Pryor, Alkaline Trio's Dan Andriano, Bayside's Anthony Raneri, Hot Rod Circuit's Andy Jackson, and last but not least, Saves The Day's Chris Conley, who spat the dummy at the audience.

The alleged reason behind this outburst was that the crowd was apparently being too loud during his part of the set (which included 'You Vandal' - a classic of theirs). The musician only played three or so songs before sitting out for a while (still on-stage mind you) as the other singers filled in. Not long after that, he just up and left the stage following an apparent acapella of 'Three Miles Down', and leaving angry with the remaining four following.To be fair, an acoustic show lacks the full-band and the chatting among the audience would be more noticebale. But even so, this may have been an overreaction.

Now, the rest of the singers returned to the stage a few minutes later to run through the rest of the show, but one can imagine how awkward that remaining 90 minutes must have been.

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Check out a video of the incident below.

A quick gander at the band's Facebook page and you'll find a fair few users disgruntled comments about the singer's actions. One such comment read:

"I drove 2 hours in the rain and traffic to see Chris play 2 songs then essentially say "fuck you" to everyone and leave the stage and never come back. Pretty disgruntled."

There are more scheduled dates for this group in the coming week or so, and hopefully there won't be anymore issues. Hopefully. You can find the original story and a much deeper analysis of the night's events over at NJ Advance. A much smoother performance from this very tour can be found below.